Realize a society where you can enjoy excellent technology

Create technology that can perceive things that do not exist in reality with XR

Develop innovative medical devices that integrate optical management systems


Corporate Philosophy



Creation of a rich modern society for people
Realization of a new future.

In this project, we are seeking "realization of an international research environment" at the "world's highest level research level" research center, and in order to achieve these goals, Ekhaga, Senior Researcher, Center for Comprehensive Care Science, Karolinska Institute We are conducting research at the world's top-level researchers, including the Research Foundation / Science Director, the Swedish General Medical Medical Association / Director, and the Karolinska Social Sustainability Center / Chief.

The purpose is to contribute to the development of science and technology by flexibly challenging new issues arising from the development of science and changes in society, and opening up new fields of advanced science and technology toward humans and society.


Always remember your inquisitive mind
Make every idea a plus.

We believe that it should be a healthy and healthy company that creates a prosperous and safe society. It is a solution we are developing to develop health tech products for the visually impaired and improve the quality of life for people with high photosensitivity. From the beginning, we have adhered to the corporate philosophy of actively utilizing all ideas from Japan to the world for the sake of life around the world.

One of the reasons why we are a healthy company is the environment in which we can work actively and growly without forgetting our inquisitive mind day and night.


A future I haven't seen yet
Co-create with technological innovation.

We are leveraging innovation to realize new lifestyles. If you use a device developed with a partner company that handles VR / AR technology, you can freely operate, measure, and record by reflecting the visual, auditory, facial expressions, etc. that you are in a virtual space on your avatar by performing remote surgery through an XR headset.・ It is possible to relive.
In addition to these technologies, we will continue to co-create new innovations to realize future lifestyles.